Vietnam eyelash extensions should choose

Eyelash extensions bring many outstanding benefits, making it the favorite choice of many Vietnamese women. First of all, eyelash extensions help your eyes become more attractive and prominent without having to spend time on daily makeup. With naturally thick and long eyelashes, you will be more confident in all situations, from daily work to important parties.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions and Popular Types of Eyelashes : : Secrets and Experience

Currently, there are many popular types of eyelashes used in eyelash extension services in Vietnam.công ty sản xuất mi giả tại Việt Nam Silk lashes, mink lashes, volume lashes and classic lashes are the most popular options. Each type of eyelash has its own unique characteristics and advantages.

Silk eyelashes are light and soft, creating a natural feeling when worn. However, silk lashes are often not as durable as other types of lashes and may need to be replaced more frequently. Mink lashes, on the contrary, are highly durable and create a beautiful thick effect. However, the cost of mink eyelashes is often higher and can cause allergies for some people.

Volume lashes are the perfect choice for those who want thick and prominent eyelashes. The volume eyelash extension technique uses many thin eyelashes to create a dense and deep effect. However, taking care of volume eyelashes also requires more patience and thoroughness. Classic lashes, with a traditional style, use one lash attached to each of your natural lashes, creating a delicate and not too fussy beauty. This is the ideal choice for those who love simplicity and nature.

Choosing the right eyelash type depends not only on personal preference but also on the condition and health of your natural eyelashes. Understanding the pros and cons of each type of eyelash will make it easier for you to make the most suitable decision.

Eyelash Extensions Process and Things to Note

The eyelash extension process in Vietnam requires meticulousness from preparation, implementation to care after completion. công ty sản xuất lông mi giả tại Việt Nam First, cleaning your eyelashes naturally is a step that cannot be skipped. Experts will use specialized solutions to remove dirt and grease, making it easier for eyelash extensions to adhere tightly. Then, choose the type of eyelashes that matches the customer’s desired length, thickness and style. This decision depends on each person’s eye shape and personal wishes.

Eyelash extension techniques require dexterity and precision. Each false eyelash is attached one by one to the natural eyelashes with specialized glue. Procedure time can last from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the number of eyelashes and technique used. Once completed, customers will be instructed on how to care for eyelash extensions to ensure long-term durability and beauty.

There are a few things to keep in mind to protect eyelash extensions. First of all, avoid contact with water for the first 24 hours after eyelash extensions so that the glue has time to dry completely. Do not use mascara on eyelash extensions, as it can damage the structure and cause eyelash loss. Regularly re-examine after 2-3 weeks to check and replenish lost eyelash extensions.

To prolong the life of your eyelash extensions, follow these care tips: don’t touch your eyelashes too much, use an oil-free makeup remover to clean the eye area, and avoid using products containing alcohol. With proper care, eyelash extensions will retain their beauty and durability for a long time, helping you possess naturally attractive eyes.

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